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Geography 4320:

Regional Development

Winter 2019 - Dr. Nicholas Lynch

In times of growing uncertainty and instability, regional research is vital to inform public debates and invoke appropriate policy responses and can once more be seen spearheading major efforts to provide the type of reliable, robust knowledge necessary to correct the opening up of gaps between people and places. With these ideas in mind, the Regional Development Seminar is focused on understanding the region and regional development in theoretical terms and in a policy context. We will explore the region and regional development in a globalizing world and investigate the policy options for people interested in making regional development work in a global economy.

How is this course relevant to urban geography?

Different approaches to regional development and the policies aimed at implementing them can have significant impacts on urban economies and societies. This aspect of urban geography is essential to forming a more complete understanding of the forces being exerted on the city and the changes they can encourage.

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