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Geography 3701:

Urban Geography

Winter 2019 - Dr. Yolande Pottie-Sherman

Urban Geography offers a broad introduction to the field of urban geography from both a local and global perspective. The main objective of this class is to examine the core themes of contemporary urban geography, including the historical development of urbanism and urban planning; the political economy of cities; cultural representations of urban space; urban social inequalities; neighbourhood dynamics and gentrification; immigration and the geographies of generational change. Various case studies will be considered, along with first-hand data collection, to foster a deeper appreciation for the imaginative geographies of the urban experience.

How is this course relevant to urban geography?

If you want to pursue urban geography, this is your foundational course. You will learn about the history of urbanism, the ideologies that have shaped cities, and will become familiar with some of the dominant debates in this field of study. Through your final paper, you will also gain experience performing urban research.

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