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Daniel Kennedy Amoah

Graduate Student

Daniel is currently a PhD student in the Sociology Department at Memorial University. His research areas of interests are interdisciplinary in nature with background in Development Studies, Political Science and Economics. He has interests in urban governance and cities; work, labour and employment issues; elections and representation; education, and gender issues.

His doctoral research at Memorial however falls within urban sociology, sociology of work and international development- urbanization, urban informality, marginality, vulnerability, and urban governance.


His research seeks to understand how we can improve working lives and wellbeing by opening up access to decent work opportunities in urban areas. He is passionate about finding holistic solutions and contributing to policies in ensuring sustainable cities and communities, decent work and economic growth.

His professional experience over the years encompasses working in various roles as a researcher and evaluator with reputable research institutions, academia, and NGOs.

Daniel is open to serving on a worthy cause that he is passionate about.


Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Kudla (Sociology)

Supervisory Committee: Dr. Lisa-Jo van den Scott and Dr. Mark Stoddart (Sociology)

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