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Markus Riener

Master's Student

Markus is a graduate student in the Department of Geography at Memorial University. He previously completed a Bachelor of Science degree as part of the Geography department at Memorial University, but also has international academic experience gained at East Carolina University in the US and at the University of Vienna in Austria
Markus' research focuses on the phenomenon of church breweries, a commercial space that houses a craft beer brewery in former spaces of worship, predominantly Christian churches. Since religion has deep roots in most communities in North America, transforming churches into small scale breweries, and thus commercial spaces can have significant influence and impacts on local communities, socially, economically and also politically. The final product of this research, the thesis "The Church Brewery: Adaptive Reuse of Spaces of Worship into Craft-Beer Enterprises" will explore these implications and consequences, both positive and negative.

Supervised by Dr. Nicholas Lynch & Dr. Barry Stephenson

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